Guest Blog Highlight: Mountainside Treatment

Overcrowded Prisons for Drug Violations: A Crisis in the United StatesThe issue of the war on drugs and overcrowded prisons in the United States is a problem ofepidemic proportions. With an incarceration rate that is five to ten times higher … Read More

Check us out on great day connecticut!

We are thrilled to share that our President of the Board, Ben Backes LCSW and our Executive Director Kevin Paulin were featured on Channel 3’s Great Day Connecticut! Our leaders had the pleasure of sitting down with Great Day Connecticut … Read More

Learned Helplessness

A critical component of detrimental, cyclical behaviors is the concept of learned helplessness. Learned helplessness is a real phenomenon that many individuals will experience at one point or another.  Learned helplessness arises when an individual has repeatedly been exposed to … Read More

For all of our friends, and fellows

 I’d like to commemorate the website beginning to take shape with a first blog post, certainly the first of many to come! This blog will serve as the hub for recent news and events surrounding re-entry, discussion on the nature … Read More

Skills of Socialization

Eight men sit around a wood table, a family in their own right. Contemplative, concerned with the nature of the mind and how environmental conditioning guides human behavior. Well-spoken men such as these might not be imagined to have spent … Read More