Turning life’s challenges into opportunities

Ben Backes

As an adolescent, I did an excellent job messing up my life. Lost relationships, failed dreams, and a severed spinal cord is what it took to give me the desperation needed to get my life in order. Over the last decade, I have dedicated my life to understanding human behavior and all its intricacies. Currently, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor. I help individuals navigate the change process and encourage them to exceed their comfort zones and foster newfound growth and opportunities.

I have had the privilege of watching hundreds of individuals fall up. As the Co-host of the Falling Up Podcast, I aim to share their stories, along with the specific principles that have allowed them to overcome life’s greatest hardships.

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Kevin Paulin

As the co-host, my goal is to empower and encourage our audience. To provide hope through real life stories and testimonies of ourselves and others. I fell a bunch of times, made decisions that I regret, but I was able to use those moments as steppingstones to a better me. From gun violence to prison yards, sharing our experiences is therapeutic and helps raise awareness. Besides my awesome role as co-host, I play Executive Director of a nonprofit during the day and sports fanatic at night. Go Colts!

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