Earl Bloodworth: Episode #41


Barb Nangle: Episode #040

In this episode we’re thrilled to welcome Barb Nangle, a seasoned Boundaries Coach, whose work encompasses coaching, speaking, writing, and training individuals on the art of establishing healthy boundaries in both personal and professional realms.

Barb delves into the nuances of boundary-setting, providing practical tips and strategies that anyone can apply to enhance their relationships and overall well-being. She shares her unique perspective on how establishing clear boundaries is an act of self-care and empowerment, and how it can lead to more fulfilling and balanced lives.

Listeners will also get a glimpse into Barb’s personal journey, learning how her experiences in 12-step recovery have influenced her coaching methods and her understanding of personal development.

For more about Barb and her work, visit her website at Higher Power Coaching & Consulting.

Rahkim Sabree: Episode #039

Join us in this enlightening episode as we welcome Rakhim Sabree, a dedicated advocate for financial empowerment. Born and raised in Mount Vernon, NY, Rakhim delves into his personal journey of understanding financial trauma, culture, and race. Having been spotlighted in renowned publications like Forbes and Business Insider, he stands as a testament to the mantra “the impossibility of impossibility”. Together, we’ll explore the crossroads of financial education and trauma, urging listeners to adopt a boundless mindset.

Nicholas Aponte-Rodriguez: Episode #038

In this compelling episode, we sit down with Nicholas Aponte-Rodriguez, a man who transformed his life after being convicted of a felony murder crime in 1995. Sentenced to 38 years, Nicholas served 23 years before being unanimously paroled due to juvenile justice reform in 2018. Once the face of juvenile reform, Nicholas’s story has been highlighted in both national and local media. Since his release, he has not only reintegrated into society but has thrived, working as a certified nursing assistant, managing a real estate office, and even earning his realtor’s license. Now, at 44 years old, after spending nearly half his life behind bars, Nicholas shares his profound journey of incarceration, redemption, and reintegration. He also delves into his advocacy work, emphasizing the importance of eliminating barriers against professional licensure for those formerly convicted. Join us for an inspiring conversation that sheds light on the power of resilience, reform, and second chances.

Charles Grady: Episode #037

In this enlightening episode, we delve deep into the life and legacy of Charles Grady, a man whose multifaceted journey has spanned from music to acting and then law enforcement to community rehabilitation. We explore the origins of Hangtime, a beacon of hope and transformation, and discuss how pivotal moments have shaped its mission. Charles opens up about his transformative encounter with Freddie Williams Jr., the creation of the Connecticut Hall of Change, and his instrumental role in Project Longevity.

Heather LaTorra: Episode #036

Heather LaTorra is CEO of Marrakech Inc who provides a broad array of programs for children and adults with and without disabilities throughout Connecticut.

Fareed Rasheed: Episode #035

Fareed Rasheed wears many hats but considers himself a problem solver and people person who enjoys connecting with people, being a part of their story, and helping them progress.

Kevnesha Boyd: Episode #034

Kevnesha is a licensed professional counselor, trauma therapist, EMDR consultant, activist, and certified cannabis consultant. We’re privileged to have had the chance to sit down and talk to her about the many different facets of her career and how she’s come so far in the face of adversity.

Renee Brown: Episode #033

Renee is the founder of Trachouse Salon and the Trachouse brand. She recently transitioned full time to her business and left it at the 9 to 5 grind. We were lucky enough to have a conversation about what it was like taking the leap of faith to start her own business and become an entrepreneur!

Dr. Janet Garcia Hallet: Episode #032

Dr. Janet Garcia Hallett is the Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of New Haven. In her new book, “Invisible Mothers: Unseen Yet Hypervisible after Incarceration”,  she interviews 37 mothers from New York City and highlights their experiences with motherhood post-incarceration.