Duncan Markovich: Episode #031

Duncan Markovich is the co-founder and owner of Better Ways, LLC, and he is an advocate and activist for the cannabis industry. We’re happy to have him back with us to record another episode and talk more about whats going on in the cannabis industry and with the recent changes to medical and recreational use.

A.V. Perkins: Episode #030

If Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg had a baby it would be A.V. A.V. Perkins is a DIY expert, on air host and co-founder of University of Dope, a disrespectful party game for hip hop lovers. Credits include HGTV, HGTV Handmade, Apartment Therapy and The Drew Barrymore Show. A.V. is determined to help fun loving millennials realize “Life is better when you Do-It-Yourself!”

Raheem Nelson: Episode #029

Raheem Nelson (Ra!) is a creative entrepreneur based in New Haven, CT. Raheem has a traditional background in Cartooning and digital art exclusively on an iPad. Raheem specializes in portraits, pop art, cartooning and urban landscape.

Xzavier Richardson: Episode #028

Xzavier Richardson is the CEO  and founder of Hands On Moving, Hands On Express ( Warehouse & delivering service), and Hands On Landscaping. He is also the founder of Xzavier Richardson Business Consulting (XBC) where he assists business owners with scaling their businesses.

Rebekah Moore: Episode #027

Rebekah Moore is the Program Director for The Arts Council in New Haven, CT. She graduated Southern CT State University with a bachelor’s in psychology & is the co-owner of #ThaTeam Podcast. Rebekah has curated numerous community-based programs to include: The Princess Chat, Annual Hat & Scarf drives and most recently, PodIn New Haven, which is a program teaching city-wide students the art of podcasting.

Rosalee Daley: Episode #026

Rose is a Business Operations Specialist and former former VP Branch Manager at a bank. She now spends her time advocating for the black community and showing them how they are equipped and capable of everything they desire, as well as teaching financial literacy.

Lynsey Saldaña: Episode #025

Lynsey is a personal trainer, nutrition specialist, health and wellness coach and the owner of Freedom By Fitness LLC.

Marian Andoh: Episode #024

Marian is the co-creator of University of Dope, an exciting card game that celebrates Hip Hop culture.

Stephanie Demuis: Episode #023

Stephanie is a recovery support specialist who helps individuals suffering from substance use disorders.

Monica Givens: Episode #022

Program Coordinator, Office of Development, Leadership Giving, Yale University; Yale African American Affinity Group, Social & Networking subcommittee co-chair; Acting Vice President, Elm City Freddy Fixer Parade Committee