Welcome to the Falling Up Podcast

We all know what it is like to fall on hard times. For some, that fall is more of a stumble; Lost relationships, jobs, friends. For others, Ben and Kevin, that fall may be more like tumbling off a cliff. For Kevin, that looks like incarceration. And for Ben, well, he actually fell of a cliff…

Regardless of the distance, a fall is a fall and often it leaves individuals feeling hopeless and helpless. It what comes after the fall that dictates the quality of someone’s life.

There are two perspective’s one can have while falling: down or up. Falling down is a lack of self love – it’s the inability to show compassion for ones self and others, not having enough enough discipline to achieve the meaning and happiness you are capable of.

On the contrary, we can fall up – where you utilize pain and suffering to maximize your potential and propel yourself towards your best version on you.