Rosalee daley

Rose, Corporate Professional turned Entrepreneur, started her company in Transportation Logistics in 2020

In a three-month timeframe, her business revenue hit over Six-Figures by implementing what she learned about business as a former banker. She later became a Certified Minority Supplier for the State of Connecticut and was featured on the front page of the Connecticut Post on February 28, 2022, for her work in the community helping other Minority Small Business Owners build profitable and thriving businesses.
Rose has hosted and taught many financial literacy classes for organizations ranging from the Girls Scouts of America, WorkPlace Inc, New Haven Arts Council, and in efforts with Winning Ways Inc the Huneebee Project. She has helped over 100 and counting entrepreneurs get access to professional services such as accounting, business insurance, and business funding. Rose has become known for her resourcefulness, business acumen, and ability to connect with diverse audiences.