The Great Give 2024

This coming May 1st, partner with Winning Ways Inc to give back to our community while making our neighborhoods safer and more financially stable. By supporting us in the 2024 Great Give, you are doing your part to change negative outcomes in disadvantaged, underserved populations.

Studies show that our program model of providing collaborative education and hands-on experience through grassroots partnerships is statistically proven to reduce crime.

The Winning Circle Series TM curriculums include necessary training in financial literacy and career supports designed to help job seekers find substantive, lasting careers. According to the Center for Financial Inclusion, “One way to lower the US incarceration rate could be to give [justice involved persons] financial knowledge they need to get by upon reentry.” Our data driven, cutting edge initiatives are the most effective way to make communities safer.

This is especially powerful when considering the return on investment to the state budget and economy. “[Justice involved persons] who receive education are less likely to return to prison, and a RAND Corporation study estimated that for every $1 invested in a prison education program, incarceration costs three years post-release were reduced by $4 to $5.” That means every dollar that you donate to our program equals a $4-$5 investment in our local economy.

Your sponsorship will also provide incredible community outreach opportunities for you and your organization. By supporting us this year in the Great Give, you are helping the disadvantaged and making our society a safer place. I am just one phone call away, at your earliest convenience 413-687-2994.