Andrew Redenti

Andrew holds a B.S. in Molecular & Cell Biology from the University of Connecticut. He is enrolled in the dual Doctor of Medicine & Doctor of Philosophy at Columbia University, graduating in 2025 to train in medical oncology, and to conduct research to advance synthetic biology & immunology while designing novel therapeutics.

Before medical school, he worked as a chemistry tutor & teacher for several years, taught courses at Yale, as well as middle and high-school classes through the Health Career Opportunities Program through the University of Connecticut. His thousands of hours of teaching, and knowledge of neuroscience, continue to contribute course refinement through creation of our Curriculum. Outside of medicine and teaching, Andrew runs a weightlifting gym, and guides individuals in aspects of physical health, nutrition, and athletic training.

Today his major goal in life is to reduce the burden of suffering experienced through various tragic realities of the human condition. More broadly, to help end the misdirection, suffering, and death of bright, young people in our society, whether through greatly needed community programs such as the one born here, or methods of curing human disease.