Our Story

The Mission

At Winning Ways Inc., we're not just another nonprofit. We are a vessel for transformative change. Our mission is unambiguous: Winning Ways is an organization which uses a lived experience, evidence, and family-based curriculum to foster the success of the formerly incarcerated or those seeking recovery in underserved communities. We help empower individuals to live meaningful lives and overcome histories of trauma.

The Leaders Guiding the Way

Behind this impactful mission are Kevin Paulin, Benjamin Backes, and Andrew Redenti—three individuals united by their incredible journeys of overcoming life-threatening obstacles. Each of them brings a unique perspective and wisdom to this endeavor, allowing us to connect deeply with the communities we serve. Their alliance is not mere chance; it’s a synergistic meeting of minds and souls to create something extraordinary.

A Dream Deferred: Kevin’s Providential Moment

Kevin Paulin’s epiphany about founding Winning Ways Inc. began in a setting most would deem hopeless: his prison cell. There, weighed down by guilt and despair, he found a lifeline in the form of a book about starting a nonprofit. Here is where Kevin envisioned an organization that empower and provide hope to people could help those in circumstances similar to his. Although this felt like divine intervention, the dream lay dormant, waiting for the right moment and the perfect partners to become a reality. 

The Lunch Meeting that Changed Everything

The turning point came during a casual lunch with Benjamin Backes, a colleague at a nonprofit in New Haven, CT. Both shared candidly about their pasts—Kevin’s time in prison and Benjamin’s struggle with substance abuse—and acknowledged the pivotal role of support systems in their respective recoveries. This conversation was the spark that breathed life into their shared vision: to create a lifeline for others, much like the support networks that had been crucial for them.

Andrew Redenti: The Missing Link

Enter Andrew Redenti, another trailblazer in community upliftment, who, like Kevin and Benjamin, overcame life-threatening obstacles. Andrew’s story was the missing piece in the puzzle, adding depth and dimension to the collective vision. United by their own stories of redemption, the trio knew it was time. They combined their insights, experiences, and determination to officially launch Winning Ways Inc.

The Impact We’ve Made and Continue to Make

Today, Winning Ways Inc. stands as a lighthouse in turbulent waters, guiding those lost at sea towards safer shores. Through mentorship, skills enhancement, and community initiatives, we fulfill our commitment to serve as the missing support system for countless individuals on their path to recovery.

In sum, our story highlights the resilience of the human spirit and the exponential power of community. We believe that by helping others, we don’t just transform individual lives; we set in motion a ripple effect of positive change that enriches us all.