Wilford Charles

Meet Wilford Charles, a passionate advocate for diversity and change in the arts community. For over 15 years, Mr. Charles has made a significant impact on the industry, serving as the co-founder of the award-winning Above Art Studios. 

Through his leadership, Mr. Charles has made it his mission to provide a platform for black and brown artists, particularly those from underserved communities.

Aside from his work as a gallerist, Mr. Charles is also an accomplished entrepreneur, helping artists monetize their work and showcasing their talent to a broader audience. As an international DJ, music artist, and clothing designer, he brings a unique perspective to his work and strives to use his influence to create positive change.

In addition, Mr. Charles is the founder of Beyond the Arts Magazine, an innovative publication that spotlights the stories and achievements of artists and creatives from all walks of life. Through his various endeavors, Mr. Charles is dedicated to promoting diversity, equality, and creativity in all aspects of the arts.