A Successful Voyage: The “New Haven Voyage for Freedom”

By Staff

On August 5th, the community of New Haven gathered for the “New Haven Voyage for
Freedom,” an event that will be long remembered for its celebration of freedom, resilience, and
the ongoing pursuit of equality. Winning Ways was honored to be a part of this significant
occasion, proudly partnering with Discovering Amistad to host the Community Welcome Event
on the historic Amistad Freedom Schooner, which had returned to its “home port.”
The event was a powerful tribute to the Amistad Story and its enduring connection to our New
Haven Community. We, together with our committed community partners, worked to
illuminate the themes of FREEDOM and resilience, showcasing the “shining examples” within
our community. Through dynamic presentations, cultural drumming, arts, spoken word, musical
tributes, and the recognition of “unsung heroes,” we highlighted the struggle for freedom that
still resonates today.

Winning Ways was proudly represented by our own Creative Arts Director, Wilfred Charles, in a
performance centered on “Freedom through Arts Expression.” Wilfred’s passion for the arts
was evident in his powerful performance, showcasing the vital role that creative expression
plays in fostering freedom and resilience. Winning Ways was thrilled to spotlight our efforts in
helping individuals re-enter society, offering financial literacy programs that empower them to
create better lives for themselves.

The event brought together a remarkable array of partners, including Mayor Justin Elicker,
Paula Mann-Agnew from Discovering Amistad, Yvonne E. Jones from D.E.S.T.I.N.E.D to Succeed,
, Gary Monk from the National Veterans Council for Legal Redress, Anne-Marie Knight from
the Black Business Alliance, Kenia and Michael Massey from Black Corner Store, J W Thurston,
the Gothistorian, Music Haven Students, and Kai Perry from the Amistad Committee Inc.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined us for this inspiring event, as well as
those who worked tirelessly to make it a success. As we reflected on the Amistad Story,
celebrated the freedom fighters, and reaffirmed our commitment to the ongoing journey
towards true freedom and equality, it was clear that our community’s strength and resilience
shine brighter than ever.

The “New Haven Voyage for Freedom” stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of our
community, and Winning Ways is proud to have played a part in this remarkable event.

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