New Haven’s Black Wall Street Festival: A Resounding Success in Celebrating Black and BrownEntrepreneurship and Community Empowerment

By Staff

We at Winning Ways are proud to share our experience at the incredible Black Wall Street
Festival held in New Haven. It was an honor to be part of an event by sharing our mission via resource table. This festival not only celebrated black and brown business owners and creatives but also provided a platform for community engagement, education, and activism around issues of racial and economic justice.

Produced by the Department of Arts, Culture, and Tourism in partnership with The Breed
, the Black Wall Street Festival is more than just a festival. It is a catalyst for
action toward dismantling systemic racism in New Haven, and a strategy to revitalize black and brown economic wealth across the city. The festival does this by highlighting the contributions and achievements of black and brown community members, which are central to New Haven’s success and future growth opportunities.
The festival, held on August 19th, surpassed all expectations, growing from 35 to more than 150 participants in one year. Spread across the New Haven Green, the event showcased more than 150 Black-owned businesses, artists, and performers as part of a broader effort to support inclusive economic growth and equitable arts programming and create Black wealth. The event came to life with musicians, DJs, and other performers, including a drill team, drum squad, and jump rope team.

One of the highlights was the Entrepreneur Party held on August 18th at the Canal Dock
. It was a celebration of the entrepreneurs who give so much to the community and provide the backbone for the festival. The party was a testament to the energy and
commitment of the black and brown business community in New Haven.
This year’s festival featured activity centers like the Family Tent for kids and caregivers to enjoy activities and free giveaways, the Empowerment Tent for entrepreneurs seeking resources to start, grow, or scale their businesses, and “The Yard” Tent for members of “The Divine Nine” group of Black fraternities and sororities.

At Winning Ways, we believe in the power of community and the importance of supporting
local businesses and entrepreneurs. We were honored to join our fellow New Haven residents in celebrating black and brown entrepreneurship, culture, and art. We are excited to see the continued growth of the Black Wall Street Festival and the lasting impact it will have on our community.

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