Advancing Economic Advocacy & Equityfor Justice-Impacted Consumers

By Staff

The team at Winning Ways, Inc is pleased to share information regarding an upcoming event entitled “Advancing Economic Advocacy and Equity for Justice-Impacted Consumers.” The event is proudly sponsored by the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health(PRCH) and Beyond $avvy Consumers. The event will feature dynamic change-agents from across the country highlighting current initiatives aimed at addressing the unique economic challenges faced by justice-impacted consumers, including barriers to accessing financial products and services. From research initiatives to financial empowerment programs, workforce development, post-secondary education, programs that provide access to financial services during incarceration, and groundbreaking policies, the event will explore various avenues for progress. The goals of the event are simple: to educate, challenge stigma, promote solutions, foster collaboration, and inspire action! 
You can register for the event here.
Some of the proceeds will be donated to Winning Ways

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