Expert Panel Highlights: Kevnesha Boyd

By Staff

I am the Founder and Clinical Director of Quality Counseling, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and a Certified Cannabis Consultant. I was born and raised in New Haven, CT exposed to; violence, social disorganization, and poverty. The passion for healing trauma is rooted in my struggle with PTSD as a result of a multitude of childhood adversities, and working in toxic environments. It is my mission to resolve intergenerational trauma among Black people and to uplift the Black community.

I’ve dedicated over 15 years of work experience in the mental health field in diverse settings Curriculum Vitae. As a first generation college student I obtained a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Eastern CT State University and a Master’s degree in Community & Forensic Psychology from University of New Haven.

Yoga has been instrumental in my personal healing journey. I’ve learned how to develop healthy mind body skills that have helped me develop a healthy relationship with my body. Prior to regular yoga practice I engaged in binge eating and destructive behaviors that were harmful to myself. Currently I’m training to become a Yoga Instructor. Yoga incorporates meditation and has proven to help with managing stress, sadness, and worry. The critical client benefit of yoga skills is to help clients learn how to regulate and control body discomfort within their bodies.

Cannabis & Advocacy

As a Certified Cannabis Consultant my goal focus is provide clients cannabis education to enhance therapeutic effectiveness. In addition to cannabis education, the practice offer cannabis consultations including referrals and financial support to obtain a medical marijuana certification. All cannabis use is medicinal and used for coping. The symptoms of PTSD can be debilitating limiting ones ability to function day to day. While PTSD qualifies for a medical marijuana certification it is not currently affordable and or accessible to people of color.

Advocacy for social justice is one of her core values. I understand the importance of advocating for oppressive systems that negatively impacts the Black community. Growing up, studying and working in oppressed communities fuels my efforts for legislative changes to dismantle systematic racism. Focused efforts are within the criminal justice system and equitable cannabis legislation.

Black Community

As a first generation entrepreneur I find power, love, and support in building community with other professional organizations and affiliations. Some of my professional affiliations are; Minorities for Medical Marijuana, EMDRIA International Association, The Black Business Alliance and The Collaboration of Minority Women Professionals. These professional affiliations provide leverage in networking and resourcing. Entrepreneurship provides the opportunity to create an agency to make significant social impact.

Quality Counseling is an agency that reduces the mental health disparity among Connecticut’s Black residents. My vision is to be able to provide every Black person in CT who wants a Black therapist, a therapist. My goal for the Quality Counseling Team is also to be to provide Black mental health professionals a healthy work environment valuing, employee wellness, professional development and work autonomy.

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