Panelist Highlight: Tiheba Bain

By Staff

Tiheba Bain, is the Founder and Executive Director of Women Against Mass Incarceration, Inc. established in 2019. With her at the helm the organization has weathered many storms including the COVID 19 pandemic. Women Against Mass Incarceration Inc. (WAMI) was started out of her need to reframe the narrative for Women Living with Violent Convictions as well as reshape how women as a whole are considered in the space of reentry. WAMI Offers mentoring to women and girls to reconsider higher education as a catalyst to inner freedom. 

At WAMI they have done so much for women and girls presently and formerly incarcerated. as well as having participated in a few mother’s day bailouts, mutual aid is offered to women in need of housing, bill pay, food and other necessities. WAMI has given over 2500 gift packages to the women in York Correctional Institution. Families receive Christmas gifts as part of the  angel project to assist with single parent homes of incarcerated people. 

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